Atheist Gets The S**t Kicked Out Of Him For The Love Of God

One year ago, a woman in Louisville, Kentucky was arrested for allegedly assaulting and robbing a disabled man for not believing in God.

She was visiting the man in his home, and she asked him if he believes in God. When he said no, she beat him with his own cane until it broke. She also allegedly robbed him of his wallet, cash, cell phone, and car keys. He had to crawl to a nearby gas station, so they could call the police and EMS. He had a concussion, a broken arm, bruises, cuts, and abrasions.

This happened back in October of 2015, and she was just taken into custody in January of 2016. People don’t talk about it, but atheists and other non-believers still experience bigotry. Many of us who live in red states have to hide our atheism because it would put us in danger.

There are also many stereotypes people believe about atheists. Some religious people think atheists are all politically liberal and lacking in morals among other things. It’s simply not true. Yes, we don’t believe in God, but many atheists have different opinions on other issues.

Many of these bigots think that atheists can’t have morals without any gods. This woman thought it was okay to beat and rob a man who doesn’t share her beliefs, but atheists are the bad people. Just recently, a Christian satire site attacked atheists. Many countries even kill atheists simply for being atheists. This form of bigotry needs to be discussed more. Many Christians think that they are being “persecuted” by atheists, even though they are the majority.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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