As*hole Father And Son Use The Bible In Defense Of Raping A 13-Year-Old Girl

Timothy and Esten Ciboro are father and son. And they are also two of the sickest excuses of humanity to ever step upon the face of this earth.

The Ciboro’s are charged with kidnapping and raping teenage girls in their Toledo, Ohio, home over the course of several years. These pathetic assholes who should probably be fed to starving wolves were finally exposed when Esten Ciboro’s 13-year-old stepsister managed to escape from a basement dungeon and went to police.

And as a defense of their despicable actions, the two will use the Bible. Yes, the Bible. The younger Ciboro, who, like his father is representing himself, told the court last week:

“There’s a great deal of strategy in Scripture and I use those strategies in everything I do.”

The judge in the case said both of these twisted losers can use the Bible, but added:

“It’s the court’s opinion that while the Bible is very important, it is not a law book in a court of law.”

So by all means, let’s allow both of these defendants to use the Bible if they like, and then let’s also use it for the penalty phase if they’re found guilty.

According to Old Testament law, a man who rapes a woman is to be taken outside the city and stoned to death. Sounds about right to me.

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