Alec Baldwin Reveals The Key Component To Playing Donald Trump So Perfectly (VIDEO)

Alec Baldwin plays a perfect Donald Trump. From the very first time Baldwin took the stage as Trump on Saturday Night Live, you just knew he was destined to mock the Donald for years to come. And sure enough, he recently signed a contract with NBC to play Donnie Con Man for the next four years.

And what might be the key to playing Trump? Baldwin says he keeps one basic fact in mind at all times: Trump is not a very smart man:

“We always default to [using words like] ‘fantastic,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘terrific.’ He never comes up with anything stronger or clearer…He’s not a great thinker. He demonstrates that over and over again. It’s kind of harrowing, actually.”

Baldwin also noted that many in Hollywood cannot empathize with Republicans in general because they are so focused on getting their share at the expense of everyone else:

“You have a Republican Party who’s been telling people for many many years, ‘Don’t worry so much about doing good. Let’s get you to do well first.'”

The actor also spoke for millions of us when he called President Obama an “elegant, thoughtful, and gracious” man. Those are three qualities Donald Trump has never (and will never) exhibit.

Here’s a compilation of Baldwin’s best moments as Trump on SNL:

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