A Mosque In Texas Went Up In Flames Hours After Trump Issued His Muslim Ban

Donald Trump vows and declares that a Muslim ban is good for everyone and will keep Americans much safer here at home.

But that will come as very cold comfort to those who worship at the Islamic Center of Victoria, Texas. Late Friday their mosque late Friday, just a few hours after Trump issued his executive order which bans all immigrants from seven Middle Eastern nations.

According to fire officials in Victoria, the fire began about 2 a.m. local time. Just a week ago, according to the Islamic center’s president, Shahid Hashmi, the mosque was robbed.

The mosque will be rebuilt, according to Hashmi, but one thing that can never be restored is the sense of security these peaceful, decent people enjoyed before this horrible tragedy. Perhaps the fire was accidental, but should it turn out to have been a deliberate act, those responsible should be charged with a hate crime.

Also, when will our illegitimate president go to an American mosque and declare, as George W. Bush did after 9/11, that Islam is a religion of peace and there is absolutely no room in this country for anyone who would seek to harm another person or a place of worship because it differs from their own?

Mike Pence loves to talk about religious liberty, but will he now stand with the people of Victoria, Texas, and join in the effort to raise funds so they can rebuild what has been destroyed?

Don’t hold your fucking breath waiting for anything decent from Pence, Trump, or any of their ilk. They are a cancer on this country. They are the greatest threat we face in the United States.

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