A Fast Food CEO Raised The Wages Of His Employees, And Got The Surprise Of His Life

Most fast food chains make the same old tired argument if you mention increasing the minimum wage they pay their employees: They’ll be forced to raise prices which will keep customers away and lead to reduced sales.

Wetzel’s Pretzels CEO Bill Phelps admit that his shareholders were worried how mandated minimum wage hikes in California would impact the bottom line:

“Like most business people I was concerned about it.”

But the law is the law, so Phelps complied. And his sales soon went through the roof. Phelps reports:

“I was shocked. I was stunned by the business.”

How much have sales increased? Mike Jacobs, owner of a Wetzel’s Pretzels franchise in Concord’s Sunvalley Shopping Center told KQED News:

“My overall sales were something like 15 percent ahead after the first minimum wage bump, and now they’re about 12 percent ahead this year.”

Keep in mind that the dillhole Donald Trump has nominated to be head of the Labor Department, Andrew F. Puzder, has fought against all attempts to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour.

But Trump is a great businessman? Yeah, and bears don’t shit in the woods.

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