Why The F*ck Does Trump Insist On Calling China ‘Jina?’

Maybe you’ve noticed something a big strange about our President-elect. No, it’s not his tiny baby hands. And it’s not that dead animal atop his head. Instead, it’s the way he pronounces the country of China.

He says, “Jina.”

As Trevor Noah pointed out last night on the Daily Show:

“How are you going to fight a country when you can’t even pronounce their name?

“Jina doesn’t sound like the a country. It sounds like a toddler who just learned the name of her private parts.”

Yes, exactly! And seeing as how Trump has the mentality of a toddler, I think we now know why he says Jina. Also, it’s what he says he loves to grab, so it all makes sense.

Mystery solved!

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