Why Respect Disgusting Pervert, Nazi-Elect Herr Drumpf? This Hilarious Book Explains

Are you wanting to read up on our President-elect Donald Trump? Amazon can help you out with that. Check out the latest book on why we should respect him.

It is a comprehensive 206 blank pages titled “Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect & Admiration. The tagline reads:

“This book is full of blank pages. Despite years of research, we could not find anything to say on this subject, so please feel free to use this book for notes.”

I fully agree with this research. He lies. Politifact did a survey on some of the claims he made during the campaign. Almost 70 percent of them were varying degrees of false. He has spread racist, xenophobic, sexist, and all other kinds of hate speech during his campaign.

The reviews are absolutely hilarious! Here are a few samples:

“Now, I’ve read some books in my day. I really can read. I read a lot. I’m great at reading… the best. In fact, there are teenagers living in their parents’ basements who can tell you all about it on Twitter. They know I’m fantastic. If anyone has anything to say otherwise, they’re crooked crybabies. I can read all sorts of books. I think reading is great. I’m fantastic at reading…”

“Very comprehensive book. The best even. It goes in depth on Trump’s many accomplishments and will clarify his positions to even the most nasty liberal women. I suggest getting several of these for stocking stuffers and definitely for the upcoming Secret Santa gift at work. Everyone will thank you bigly.”

“It didn’t change my mind, but I’m glad it was published. These poor Trump supporters desperately need a thoroughly researched tome like this to bolster themselves while we all watch the world burn down.”

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