White Hooded Figures Caught Burning Crosses! Oh Wait… That’s Just The KKK Parade

As if dealing with President-elect Donald Trump wasn’t bad enough, his racist supporters are out there. The KKK is celebrating Trump’s victory by having “parades.”

They had one of their “parades” in North Carolina. By “parade” I mean a line of rednecks driving trucks with confederate flags on them. They were also yelling “White Power” and other fun phrases as they drove by.

The North Carolina Democratic Party Chairwoman Patsy Keever said:

“The North Carolina Democratic Party finds it horrifying that the KKK is embarking on a march in North Carolina. This comes after months of toxic and divisive rhetoric that belittled many in our state. We must all stand together in rejecting these hateful actions, which includes listening to and valuing those in our communities who feel targeted.”

Unfortunately, we may see more of this during the next four years.

Amanda Barker, an “imperial kommander” of the Loyal White Knights who is married to the founder of the group said:

“Actually we have the same views. A lot of white Americans felt the same way, especially about the wall, immigration and the terrorism coming here. I think Donald Trump is going to do some really good things and turn this country around.”

Featured image via Twitter screenshot

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