Whiny Trumpkins Are Now Demanding Their Own ‘Safe Spaces’

Should a liberal dare say that Donald Trump and his racist/misogynistic/Islamophobic supporters are obnoxious and therefore not worthy of being debated or dealt with, it’s likely a Trumpkin will tell you to go to your safe space. But did you know that Trump fans are now asking for safe spaces, too?

During a CNN debate this week, conservative commentator Ben Ferguson whined that right-wing students “should be able to feel safe” on college campuses. That led Bill Clinton aide Keith Boykin to slam Ferguson for his blatant double-standard on the issue:

“What effing hypocrisy! That is total, unmitigated hypocrisy.”

Boykin was far from finished, also telling Ferguson:

“I can’t even wrap my head around the discombobulation that came out of your mouth here. Conservatives are the ones who’ve been saying for decades that you don’t need safe spaces.”

Do the college right-wing assholes who feel so harmed by a liberal daring to confront them with facts also insist we provide hot chocolate, stuffed animals, and blankets, too? Or will access to the Breitbart website and copies of Mein Kampf suffice?

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