Whiny #Trumpgrets Tell Trump To F**k Off With Your Two-Faced Backstabbing

Many people who voted for Trump are starting to regret that decision. He has already walked back on some of his campaign promises. Some supporters are finally realizing that they are also affected by the dumb shit Trump is doing.

A new hashtag, #Trumpgrets, has formed to make fun of these idiots. Some very snarky people are helping Trump supporters realize what they have done:

This sounds about right. Who knows what fresh scandals will appear during a Trump administration:

This guy speaks the truth:

Republicans made fun of us for voting for President Barack Obama. Time for some payback, dumbasses!

This guy has a great analogy for the Trumpkins:

Sorry, Trumpkins, no wall for you!

There’s another one trending as well, #TrumpVoterRegrets:

Now that Trump is planning on taking health insurance, Social Security, and Medicare many older people are regretting voting for Trump. At least we didn’t get a president who mishandles emails. That was so much more important.

Featured image via Twitter.

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