WATCH: Christmas Billboard Has Christians F**cked In The Head And Fighting To Remove It… WTF?!?

The National group, American Atheists, put up two billboards in Louisiana. One says, “Make Christmas Great Again – Skip Church!” They have other billboards in many other locations in the South.

Luckily, the Christians interviewed said they believe in the atheists’ rights to freedom of speech. However, some towns asked for the billboards to be removed.

In the town of Monroe, Lousiana, the billboards lasted a whopping two hours. Christians were offended, of course. They tried to use the “this is a Christian area” defense, but that argument doesn’t hold water.

We are all in the United States of America, and we have the freedom of religion here. Atheists have a right to put up the billboards or otherwise spread their beliefs.

The program director for American Atheists, Nick Fish, says that he expected this:

“They need to get over themselves and realize this is a country with a lot of viewpoints, and they’re not the only ones with a view on this.”

The billboards ended up getting moved to Shreveport, Louisiana.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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