Veterans Are Now Receiving F**king AIDS With Their Dental Checkups

With all the fucked up crap going on in this world it astounds me that news sites still feel the need to make shit up. Case in point:

A Veteran’s Affairs or VA, dentist decided that instead of following protocol set to protect his patients from contracting diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis, he would skirt around that and ignore the rules.

Dentists at the VA are supposed to use throw away dental tools on their patients but instead, said doctor decided to “sterilize” his own tools and use them over and over again.

Nearly six hundred patients seen at the Tomah, Wisconsin VA dental clinic were put at risk of contracting AIDS, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B. The VA has notified the patients and provided needed testing to them as well as free care if they receive positive test results.

To top it all off, this asshat hasn’t even been fired, though he has been put on leave. A dental assistant reports you for endangering patients, you can’t claim you didn’t know the rules because you were remembered during training, and now you get to go home and lounge around still getting paid.

So I guess this country’s mistreatment of Veterans has no boundaries and now we just shrug our shoulders at the victims who have to live out their lives with a terrible disease and all after they suffered atrocities from serving their country in wars that probably didn’t need to happen in the first place…ahem Vietnam.

Way to go America, you are batting a thousand.

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