US Isn’t A ‘Christian’ Nation Dumba** – Read The F**king Constitution

The U.S. Constitution guarantees the freedom of religion in the First Amendment. Many people violate this by trying to force their religion into public spaces such as schools, government buildings, etc.

The religious people who knowingly violate this rule count on people to be apathetic about it. They want to be seen as “champions” of Christianity. If someone fights them, then they will be seen as “defending” their religion.

They use these opportunities to demonize atheists and non-believers.

For instance, there was the recent case of an argument in Texas over a Bible verse on a door at a public school.

These people just need to stop knowingly breaking the law just to push their religion. This costs taxpayers tons of money in frivolous lawsuits.

The Constitution specifically says that the government shouldn’t be sponsoring religion at all. We need to be inclusive of all religions and people who don’t have a religion.

Those of us who are atheists or non-believers don’t want our tax dollars going toward religious displays and other violations.

I will always fight for inclusion and diversity. As an American and an atheist, I should be able to go to public buildings without having religion shoved in my face. My tax dollars shouldn’t be funding these things either.

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