Trump’s Thugocracy: Texas Electors Getting Threats Of Rape And Murder

There’s been a great deal of talk lately about some members of the Electoral College refusing to cast their ballots for Donald Trump when the electors meet on December 19. That chatter has only intensified since the revelations of Russian interference in the results of the presidential election.

And now we have some Texas electors reporting that they are getting threats if they so much as dare think about not voting for Trump.

Christopher Suprun has mentioned he might cast his ballot for Ohio Governor John Kasich. Shortly after he said that, he got this message via Facebook:

“You vote for Trump or we rape your wife and daughters with a knife before we kill you. Do as told or face consequences.”

A former elector from the Lone Star State, Art Cisneros, resigned rather than vote for someone as unqualified as Donald Trump. Cisneros noted:

“I received a lot of threats. I just didn’t think it would do any good to share them or make a big deal out of them. There were several nasty ones—to vote for Trump, or else. Some of them were pretty vague like, ‘We’re going to hunt you down,’ that kind of stuff. Some were like, ‘We’re going to find out where you work and come after you.'”

Sounds like the kind of thing the mafia is known to do. And since Trump has long been rumored to have connections to organized crime, would any of us be surprised if the President-elect was the one behind this intimidation?

Donald Trump does not belong anywhere near the White House. Instead, he belongs in federal prison.

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