Trump’s America: Black Man Gets Arrested For Rescuing Minor From P***y Grab

Moise Morancy was riding on a public bus when he noticed a young girl being sexually assaulted. He stepped in and beat up the man abusing the girl. The video begins with Morancy’s hands around the man’s throat.

Although, Morancy was innocent, the police arrested both men. Morancy was later released by a Black police officer. This is President-elect Donald Trump’s America. P***y-grabbing is just fine. Morancy was obviously upset by witnessing that abuse.

Morancy was later declared a hero. He spread the simple message “No means no.”

Is this going to be a regular occurrence? The president-elect seems to be just fine with sexual assault. I’m glad Morancy was there to help her; if he hadn’t intervened, the girl could’ve suffered more abuse.

Donald Trump can spread hate, but we can still practice love. Unfortunately, racism still exists. I’m glad this brave man took the risk to help this little girl. I’m hope the abuser goes to jail where he can’t hurt anymore young women.

Morancy was later honored by the NYPD for his actions.

Featured image via Twitter.

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