Trump Thug Says NYT Editor ‘Should Be In Jail’ For Publishing Don The Con’s Tax Docs

You remember Corey Lewandowski. He’s the ex-cop dillhole turned Trump campaign manager who was accused of physically assaulting a female reporter and later had to resign in disgrace from the Trump campaign. He later showed up on CNN and continued to be a jerk to anyone and everyone he encountered.

Now Lewandowski is asserting that the Dean Baquet of the New York Times should be prosecuted and sent to jail for publishing portions of Don the Con’s tax records.

At Harvard University, Lewandowski commented:

“We had one of the top people at The New York Times come to Harvard University and say, ‘I’m willing to go to jail to get a copy of Donald Trump’s taxes so I can publish them.’ Dean Baquet came here and offered to go to jail — you’re telling me, he’s willing to commit a felony on a private citizen to post his taxes, and there isn’t enough scrutiny on the Trump campaign and his business dealings and his taxes?

“It’s egregious. He should be in jail.”

Know who should really be in jail, Corey? Your hero, Donald Trump, for any number of things ranging from allegedly raping underage girls to bragging about sexually assaulting women because he knows he can get away with it. Instead, one of the biggest unindicted sex offenders in recent memory is about to be ensconced in the Oval Office.

And that is what you call a crime.

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