Trump Has More Respect For Zygotes Than He Does For Women

Abortion is a HUGE issue in this country. Our President-elect Donald Trump wants to “punish” women who seek abortions.

The core of the argument is the question of when life begins. Many pro-lifers think that life begins at conception. Many pro-choicers believe that life begins at birth.

Many states have tried and failed to pass legislation granting “personhood” to fertilized¬†zygotes. Georgia Representative Tom Price has co-sponsored legislation for this at the federal level. Donald Trump has tapped him to be the head of Department of Health & Human Services.

Declaring zygotes legal “persons” would ban abortion and even some methods of contraception. It could even effect in-vitro fertilization because the doctors often create multiple embryos. This is a total assault on a woman’s right to choose.

The fetus can’t live outside of the womb until 24 weeks of gestation. It shouldn’t be considered a person. It can’t breathe. It can’t think. Even doctors say that pregnancy begins at birth, not fertilization.

A microscopic bit of cells does NOT deserve the same rights as a person.

Even some pro-lifers have said that they don’t want to ban abortion in every circumstance. Some people are in favor of abortion when the mother’s life is in danger and also think there should be exceptions for incest and rape.

It is often a religious argument on this issue when there shouldn’t be one. Christians quote the Bible at women who get abortions. Funny thing, the Bible doesn’t mention abortion. They didn’t have abortions 2,000 years ago. Religious people see it as a “soul,” but those terms don’t apply to our SECULAR laws.

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