This Is The PERFECT Example Of What It’s Like To Debate A Racist Trump Supporter

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of trying to have an intelligent conversation with a die-hard Donald Trump supporter, then you know first-hand how that process feels like having your fingernails pulled out while submerged in a bowl of lemon juice.

The willful disassociation from all logic and reason by Trump fans is not only a common tactic; it’s a trademark which they wear with unapologetic pride.

Here’s the quintessential example of a debate between rational thinking people and Trump fans.

Normal People: “STOP BEING RACISTS!”
Racists: “There’s nothing racist about anything I’ve said or done.”
Normal People: “Yes, there is.”
Racists: “Prove it!”
Normal People: “We have video.”
Racist: “It doesn’t show the beginning.”
Normal People: “What’s on it is racist. It doesn’t matter how it began.”
Racists: “Well, everybody’s racist just like me then.”
Normal People: “No, they aren’t.”
Racists: “Well, who cares. I voted for Trump!”
Normal People: “He’s also racist like you, true.”
Racist: “How?”
Normal People: “You haven’t been watching his campaign, reading his tweets, listening to his words?”
Racists: “I didn’t see or hear any of it.”
Normal People: “Here’s the tape of all of it.”
(shares tape)
Racists: “That doesn’t prove anything. It’s rigged.”
Normal People: “Okay, here is streaming video of him saying it right there.”
(shows video on phone with words coming out of his mouth)
Racists: “What, that? He didn’t really mean that.”
Normal People: “But you said you supported him because he’s a straight shooter and always says what he means.”
Racists: “Yeah.”
Normal People: “And you still don’t get it?”
Racists: “Nope.”

Just like their favorite orange hued billionaire bigot, Trump fans are political Mad Hatters. These people have no concern about the aftermath of their candidate’s presidency because it’s not about results.

It’s about proving a point.

You may be tempted to ask the Trump fan, “what’s the point?”

Well, unless you’re really into endless circular arguments and rabbit holes filled with contradiction, then you’re best advised not to bother asking.

Featured image via Allthetropes

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