The Pu$$y Grabber Is At It Again – This Time It’s The Rockettes

The famous dancing group, the Rockettes, have been asked to perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Most of them don’t really want to perform for the King Pussy Grabber. One member of the group, “Mary,” spoke anonymously with She said:

“The majority of us said no immediately. Then there’s the percentage that said yes, for whatever reason—whether it’s because they’re young and uninformed, or because they want the money, or because they think it’s an opportunity to move up in the company when other people turn it down.”

The few women of color in the group said no, so that makes the group look even less diverse than it already was.

Also, one of the dancers said she:

“… Wouldn’t feel comfortable standing near a man like that in our costumes.”

She cited the tape of him saying that women will let him grope them because he is a “star.”

Some of the dancers are worried about how supporting Trump will hurt the Rockettes’ brand. They don’t want to be associated with Trump when the inevitable trials happen.

Only 13 of the dancers employed with the Rockettes are full-time employees. The rest of them are contract workers who don’t have to be at every event. Three of the dancers who said no are full-time employees. They were told the performing at the inauguration would be “voluntary,” but they are still worried about losing their jobs.

Featured image by Seth Vidal via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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