Texas Cop Arrests Black Mom And Daughter After She Called 9-1-1 To Report White Man Choking Her Little Boy

This is the kind of video that makes organizations like Black Lives Matter necessary.

A black mother in Fort Worth, Texas calls the police and accuses a white neighbor of choking her 7-year-old son.

After calmly and respectfully conferring with the white suspect, the white cop then completely disrespected the black mother as she tried to calmly explain what happened.

However, the cop’s belligerent and disrespectful attitude only provoked unnecessary tension between himself and the mother.

And just as her daughter stepped between them to do the cop’s job and calm her mother down, the officer shoved the daughter of out the way and manhandled the mom to the ground.

He then pulled out his taser and stuck it in the mother’s back as he handcuffed her, and then went after the daughter, arresting her as well.

After detaining the mom, he went after the daughter and arrested her as well.

Nothing happened to the white man accused of choking her son, he just stood by and enjoyed the show.

Welcome to racist shit-kicking motherfucking Texas.

Featured image via YouTube.

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