Tell The A&E Reality Show Producers To Go F*ck Themselves – Boycott Generation KKK

A&E, the network that brought us Duck Dynasty, is making a KKK documentary miniseries. It will be aired as an 8-part miniseries starting on January 10. It will give viewers an inside look at several families in the KKK.

The group has been growing over the last couple of years. They also were supporting the now President-elect Donald Trump during the election. We don’t need to even remotely imply that the KKK’s behavior is normal. This shouldn’t be turned into a TV show.

Filmmaker Aengus James said:

“The struggles we were most drawn to were the struggles with the internal families. We had a stance, and we were clear with folks that we were hoping for them to see the light and to come out of this world. It’s an incredibly destructive environment for anybody to be in, let alone children.”

Many Twitter users had scathing reactions to the announcement. Some are calling for a boycott of the network.

This horrific group has committed many atrocities against minorities. They spread hate and violence. They burn crosses and pull in other racists. They don’t need to be turned into the KKKardashians! This show just normalizes their hateful actions.

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