Students Added A ‘Secretion Ingredient’ To Pastry Icing – They Failed The Class

These high school boys who take a home economics class made some pastries for an assignment, and they made a…*ahem*…contribution to the frosting.

The boys asked to be excused from class, masturbated into containers, and used the seminal fluid to make frosting for the pastries they were making in class.

The teacher took a bite of the pastry, and she noticed something didn’t taste right. The teacher later found out about the plan from another student. Why the fuck didn’t that student say something?!

The students involved were all charged with misdemeanors, and will be prosecuted in juvenile court.

This is just fucking disgusting! Who would do that to someone?! The teacher could’ve gotten some disease from eating that pastry.

The school district released this statement about the incident:

“An incident took place Thursday at Westside High School involving three students and a staff member. We are not commenting on specifics involved in this case, other than to say we offer our complete support to the staff member involved, and we are working with Omaha police to determine what/if any criminal citations are issued. These students will face consequences, but per district policy, we cannot release specifics regarding the course of punishment. This incident is NOT indicative of Westside High School or any of our schools, environments that promote respect for all of our staff members and students.”

Our teachers REALLY don’t get paid enough. This prank was dangerous and disgusting.

Featured image by jeffreyw via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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