STFU About Millennials – At Least We’re Not Causing The Apocalypse

Many people have taken up the hobby of bashing my generation. Those of us who are ages 18-34 right now are also lumped into the category of Millennials.

We have been labelled dumb, lazy, entitled, cocky, and many nasty words. People are just whining that the world is going to end with us leading it. This isn’t a new thing. The generation before ridicules the next generation.

The Baby Boomers left us a shitty economy, but we’re the bad ones. We don’t have the same opportunities that the previous generation. College has gotten ridiculously expensive, and college degrees are required for any really good jobs.

USA Today dismisses our student loan problems by saying we created our “lifestyle” in college. It’s not the $60,000 spent on tuition and books and fees. We can’t get a good job without a degree, but we get shit for borrowing money for that degree. If college tuition were affordable, we wouldn’t have to borrow for it.

With college costing over $20,000 a year, there is no way we can work a part-time job, study, and pay for all of the tuition. We carry that debt and try to get jobs after graduating. We face a job market with a lot of candidates and not enough openings. Then, we take an internship. Then, we apply for a job, and we’re expected to have five years of experience. How are we supposed to get that?

We have several stereotypes to deal with that need to stop now. Yes, there are many assholes out there, but not all of us are like that. They think we are out to get their jobs. They think that we are the participation trophy generation. Some of us had to work to get awards. Many people think that we are job-hoppers as well. Jobs go away for many reasons; things happen. We may end up having to job hop when we really don’t want to.

We are trying our best to “adult.”

Featured image by Elizabeth Hahn via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

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