‘Special Little Snowflakes’ Speak Out – Each One Is Different

First of all, Millennials are the generation born between 1982 and 2004. Many older people love to label us as “snowflakes” or use other bratty terms to refer to us.

We are the generation of Facebook, Instagram, and selfies. Older people consider us entitled, or whiners, or soft. Commentators just dismissed us when we were (and still are) unhappy with the election results.

Yes, we bitch about discrimination, racism and sexism. Do you want to know why? It’s because these things are still happening in 2016. We care about these issues.

Mark Kingwell, professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto, said this in a column for The Globe and Mail:

“I have a message for all those columnists and commenters who are peddling this nonsense, gleaned from actual contact with said generation. They’re tougher than you, friends, and a lot more adaptable. They are the future, you are history, and they know it. It’s only you who don’t.”

People say we are bratty, and make fun of us for still living with our parents. There are so many stereotypes about us.

We have to deal with being underemployed or unemployed. We have fewer job prospects as well. We are adaptable and hard-working.

Many employers have bad stereotypes of us. We are seen as job-hoppers; however, most of us would stay loyal to a job that fits. We are not all entitled slackers.

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