South Carolina Trying To Throw The First Amendment Out The F**king Window

Republicans in South Carolina are taking a shit on the First Amendment! They obviously haven’t read the Constitution, or they just don’t give a shit.

This blatantly unconstitutional bill would allow teachers to proselytize in their classrooms. It could get out of hand very quickly.

The bill, H 3345, would allow teachers to “express a religious viewpoint.” They also would be allowed to:

“… Conduct or participate in any student-led prayer or student-organized prayer groups, religious clubs, or other religious gatherings organized by students.”

It’s like they aren’t even trying to be sneaky anymore about shoving religion into the faces of people who have different belief systems.

This would make it OK for teachers to put up Bible verses in their classroom or teach creationism. Would this allow teachers to condemn or criticize beliefs they disagree with? Just how big is this can of worms that they are opening?

One major problem is that some students would probably feel like they have to participate, so they don’t get in trouble. Someone who is not a Christian should be allowed to attend public school without having someone else’s religious beliefs shoved down their throat.

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