Screw The Heartbeat Bill – The Anti-Choice Bill Kasich Actually Signed Is Way Worse

Yes, Kasich vetoed that insane heartbeat bill. The one that was even opposed by anti-choice groups. Woohoo.

However, he SIGNED another totally restrictive anti-choice bill that will wind up in the courts, and, if Gropes McFuhrer in the White House gets his way and nominates another Scalia-like monstrosity to the SCOTUS, then the women of Ohio are screwed.

The bill that was signed bans abortion after 20 weeks, though the Ohio asshats who wrote the bill did decide they would give women some modicum of autonomy if their lives are in danger. How magnanimous!

Here’s the thing – the heartbeat bill was put up as a distraction to make the 20-week ban sound nigh-on moderate by comparison. What it is, though, is a very carefully planned move by anti-choice lobbyists to chip away at women’s rights. And it’s working.

Let’s not forget that Kasich signed a law a few years back that gutted Planned Parenthood and prohibited rape crisis counselors from even MENTIONING the word abortion.

Because he fucking sucks and he only LOOKED normal on the primary debate stages because he was up there with Ted Cruz and Trumplethinskin.

And who gets an abortion after 20 weeks? Does anyone seriously think that women wake up 6 months pregnant and think, “Aww, shit! I knew I forgot to do something!”

No – the women getting abortions that late are doing so because their very-likely-wanted child has something seriously wrong and they are choosing to end their pregnancy early in an attempt to reduce both their child’s suffering and their own insurmountable grief at losing the child they’d been imagining holding since they saw those two pink lines, you fucking anti-choice pricks.

Yes, reproductive rights activists will challenge this law. Whether or not they will prevail likely depends on who fills that vacant 9th SCOTUS seat. Regardless, Republican legislatures across the country are slowly but surely stripping women of their rights and their bodily autonomy.


Featured image by Marc Nozell from Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA (john-kasich-newmarket-20150712-DSC01646) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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