Schultz Put The ‘Peanuts’ Bible Verse There For A Good Reason – Not A Frivolous F*cking Lawsuit

In Texas, a nurse’s aide, Dedra Shannon, at a Texas middle school put a Christmas poster on the door of the nurse’s office. The poster had a Bible passage and featured the character Linus from the classic Peanuts comic strips.

The school board voted to make the teacher’s aide take the poster down. The Texas “Merry Christmas” law allows the schools to celebrate the winter holidays. However, they are supposed to include all religions, and they should lean more towards secular images.

The Bible verse has no business being there, but the lawsuit is very frivolous. She shouldn’t have put the poster up in the first place. Taking it down is more inclusive for the entire school.

The public schools have to follow the federal laws.

No one is telling the Christians to not celebrate their holiday. They should keep in mind that not everyone is a Christian, and they should respect the beliefs of the entire school. Some of the people involved predicted that we would one day not be able to say “Merry Christmas.”

Interestingly enough, Schultz himself wasn’t all that religious. When he said he wanted to put the Bible verse in the special, other people he was working with said it wouldn’t do well. He told director Bill Menendez:

“Bill, if we don’t do it, who will?”

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