Satanic Temple Expertly Trolls Texas’ F**ked Up Fetal Burial Law With… Socks?

Texas has passed a particularly ridiculous new set of abortion restrictions. They are requiring women to get burial or cremation for their aborted or miscarried fetuses. This applies to any stage of pregnancy.

The Satanic Temple has stood up and said that the law violates their religious beliefs. They (rightly) believe that a microscopic embryo shouldn’t be treated the same as a dead person.

Now, they are taking the protest one step further. They are sending socks or other rags covered with semen to Texas Governor Greg Abbot.

They are trying to show how absurd it is to add a non-medical ritual to a medical procedure. You can get in trouble sending bodily fluids through the mail. If you want to, you can use some lotion or shampoo as a substitute.

David Brown, a senior staff attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights said this about it:

“This regulation has no basis in public health, and it’s just a pretext for putting an additional burden on women who choose abortion or who suffer miscarriage.”

Texas just wants to make women jump through ridiculous hoops to exercise their right to choose. Hopefully, this law will be declared unconstitutional because it is.

Featured image via Facebook post.

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