Sadistic F**k Monkey Squeezed His 7-Month-Old’s Balls So Hard He Killed Him

This disgusting father, 20-year-old Kane Kennedy, killed his seven-month-old son by injuring his testicles and shoving his fingers down the child’s throat. Oskar Jobey-Kennedy’s testicle injuries were either from forcibly grabbing or twisting them. There were 13 marks around the child’s face and neck as well from sticking his fingers down the child’s throat.

He claimed that he was pissed off because he didn’t have any marijuana to smoke. That was his defense?! He shouldn’t have been alone with the child if he had such violent tendencies.

The child’s mother, Tia Jobey, was sentenced to 30 months in a young offender institution for allowing the death of a child. Apparently, the father had put his fingers in the kid’s throat before. The mother received the sentence for putting the child in danger.

Facebook picture from open profile of Tia Oskar. Kane Kennedy has today (Wednesday, December 7th) been convicted of murdering his seven month old son Oskar Jobey-Kennedy. He was found guilty by a unanimous jury of killing baby Oskar Jobey-Kennedy by smothering him at a flat in Morecambe between Wednesday, September 30th and Thursday, October 1st 2015. The prosecution alleged that at some time during the night Kennedy had forcibly got hold of the babyís testes causing injuries and then pushed his fingers into Oskarís mouth, possibly in a bid to silence him, and put his hand over his mouth deliberately smothering the child. Kennedy had denied murder but was convicted after a trial at Preston Crown Court. He will be sentenced next week.
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Kane Kennedy tried to tell the police that he had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up to find the baby unresponsive. Obviously, the authorities didn’t believe him.

Unfortunately, they don’t have the death penalty there. However, I’m sure he will have a new friend in prison to twist his balls.

Featured image via Lancashire Police

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