RWNJs Think Commandant Cheeto Won The Popular Vote

Our Orange Menace AKA President-elect Donald Trump won the election only a month ago. His opponent, Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, won the popular vote by 2.7 million and counting.

Trump won the Electoral College despite losing the popular vote. Now, people are questioning the whole Electoral College system.

Welp…Trump supporters don’t know about numbers. They think that The Donald won the popular vote.

According to a Pew Research Survey, roughly 32 percent of Republicans believe that Donald Trump won the popular vote.

Are these people too stupid to read numbers? Well, some of them might be that dumb.

A bunch of them fell for a conspiracy theory that millions of people voted illegally. Trump even spread this claim himself.

As Salon reported:

“After quizzing voters on the results of the election, Pew Research found that 32 percent of respondents who lean Republican incorrectly named Trump the winner of the popular vote. In comparison, about 8 in 10 Democrats (81¬†percent) said that Clinton won it.”

I knew there are a lot of stupid Trump supporters out there; however, I didn’t think they were THAT stupid. Numbers don’t lie, you f***ing morons!

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