Racist F*cking A**hole Orders Tacos While He Beats A Woman Bloody–WTF?

A Las Vegas woman who understandably chose not to be identified just wanted to grab a taco after work. She probably didn’t expect to leave the all-night drive-through needing fifteen stitches, likely scarred for life.

That’s not hyperbole, folks. Some racist prick started screaming racial slurs at the woman as she drove away from the drive-through. When she stopped and got out of her car to confront him, the man — and I use that term loosely — yelled that his racist shouts were “free speech.”

He then grabbed one of those big plastic “wet floor” signs from inside the restaurant and hit her with it.

She was stunned and dripping blood as the man ordered his food, and before she could gather her wits and get back in the car, the asshole came back for more. He grabbed the sign again and returned to the parking lot, beating the woman until she fell to her knees.

He only stopped when his friend pulled him off and they drove away. The assault left the woman with injuries that will probably lead to lifelong scars.

If you’re about to say something like:

“Why did she stop? Why didn’t she just keep driving?”


It’s not up to her to keep herself from being the victim of violent racism. She has EVERY FUCKING RIGHT to stand up to someone who is shouting racial slurs at her. And you know why she has to?

Because too many people are saying “Why did she stop,” rather than asking “Why are these racist attacks still happening?”

Rather than telling her she was wrong not to ignore it, we need to be spreading the message far and wide that this shit shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

The incident was caught on surveillance video. Let’s share it, in hopes that the ignorant pile of shit and his wuss of a friend are identified and caught.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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