President Obama Reminds Us Of Just How Badly We F*CKED UP With Inspiring PRESIDENTIAL Rant About Cynicism

President Barack Obama is perhaps the most undervalued president in U.S. history.

The man rescued a nation on the brink of economic collapse and brought healthcare availability to millions of Americans who otherwise would not have it.

From day one and throughout his presidency, he had to deal with racism and bigotry directed at him by Republicans.

Yet over the course of his bruising eight-year tenure, he’s maintained a sense of optimism and hope that will inspire people around the world for generations.

In this video, he addresses the cynicism infecting our society but how young people have an obligation to resist the urge to wallow in apathy and get involved.

This video should remind us of exactly what we are losing on January 20. And why we should fight like hell to make sure we don’t fuck up again in 2020.

Featured image via YouTube.

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