Palin: ‘God Intervened’ And Made Trump President

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever heard this level of stupid. Sarah Palin said this about the outcome of the election:

“No doubt, divine providence played a huge role in this election. I will boldly proclaim that. I saw it first-hand. I was there on the campaign trail. I saw how things were changing.” 

“I saw more and more people’s eyes open, and I think so much of that was based on the church in general, those people of faith who were praying to God that people would wake up.”

“Remember, our Founders dedicated this land, this new country that would be America, this idea of America, dedicated it to God. If I were President, I’d re-dedicate us to God”

“Prayer warriors across the country, people who perhaps had never expressed their faith in a higher being before, knew that Jeez, we got to be on our knees asking for a change here, because we’re going down the wrong road. I was so grateful to see so many people step up in that realm.”

This is a whole new level of RWNJ. The pussy-grabber-in-Chief-elect was sent by God? He’s been married three times, and he’s gone bankrupt multiple times. “God sent him.” That’s a whole new level of nuts. Even for her. She can definitely dish up the word salad.

Featured image via Twitter.

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