Paid Liar And Resident Twit Kellyanne Conway Says CIA Report On Russia Is ‘Laughable And Ridiculous’

Trump advisor and shrunken head model Kellyanne Conway was one of the guests on Face the Nation Sunday morning, and she wasted no time casually dismissing a CIA report which detailed Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, telling host John Dickerson:

“What’s laughable and ridiculous is the notion that somehow this was meant to defeat Hillary Clinton and elevate (Trump) to the presidency.”

And yet that is exactly what the CIA says happened. Even Dickerson had trouble following Conway’s bizarre logic, remarking:

“How can he both respect the intelligence community and then think that what they’re saying to him is laughable? There seems to be a disconnect.”

That’s when Conway reached into her purse and produced a big wad of horseshit which she attempted to pass off as fact:

“He absolutely respects the intelligence community. He’s made it very clear. He’s going to put his own people in there, as well.”

Donald Trump has no respect for anyone other than the fawning sycophants and perpetually nodding fools who surround him and pretend to hang on his every word. He has indeed disrespected the intelligence community, and that could well come back to haunt him.

As for Conway, well she’s just a pathetic excuse of a human being who cannot even lie in a plausible fashion. Doesn’t she have a plane to catch to Moscow so she can kiss Putin’s ring or whatever else he presents for tribute?

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