Only Liberal At A RWNJ Family Gathering? Here’s How To Hide The Bodies

Oh, joy! It’s that time of year again. You go to your family’s house to celebrate the holidays. The talk inevitably ends up veering towards politics.

This year, that is more likely to happen. This election season has been very divisive. You will likely have at least one Trump-supporting Republican in your family somewhere.

Here are a few tips to deal with them:

1. Ignore If Possible

You can ignore them, or you can choose to argue. Keep in mind that arguing is highly unlikely to change anyone’s mind. If you are brave and interested in a challenge, you can try and defend your views to them. Defend yourself if they insult you, though.

I had a close relative call me a “liberal piece of shit” when it WASN’T Christmas time. I can’t imagine what he will say this year. I also get called “uninformed” and “clueless” regularly. You don’t have to take that.

2. Booze

It may also help to spike your eggnog or punch when no one is looking. You will need plenty of it if your family is discussing politics. Yes, the topic will come up eventually. You may be unable to avoid it depending on how stubborn your particular nutty relative is. Try to avoid hot-button issues such as same-sex marriage, abortion, healthcare, etc. It may not end well.

3. Beware The Fox News

Also, if someone turns on Faux News, leave the room immediately. Save your IQ points, and don’t listen to that bullshit. Yes, many Republicans out there love to watch the False News network all day long. Don’t let them call you “uninformed” if Fake News is the only source they will give you. A close relative of mine wouldn’t admit that Politifact is a credible source when I countered with actual proof that President-elect Donald Trump is wrong most of the time.

4. Alternate Plan

You could also choose that moment to announce a major life decision. Then, your family will only be able to focus on that. If you have some new major event coming up in your life, you can use that to steer the conversation away from politics.

Unfortunately, you won’t change anyone’s mind, but you can survive the holidays.

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