Now Trump Aides Are Saying Don The Con Got The Chinese To Return That Navy Drone

Even though he isn’t yet President, that isn’t keeping Trump aides from trying to claim credit for their moronic demigod when it comes to the return of that underwater Navy drone the Chinese seized on Friday.

Spokesman Jason Miller sent out a tweet in which he insinuated that the Chinese had returned the drone because of Trump:

OK, Jason, if you say so. We all know the truth: The Chinese had made their point, so they gave back what belonged to the United States. It had nothing to do with Trump. They aren’t afraid of him, they don’t respect him (then again, who in their right mind does?), and they wanted to telegraph their intentions to Trump for his term in office: We are gonna fuck with you endlessly.

Donald Trump is a fraud, and within a year, the entire world will be laughing at him, just like we’ve been doing since he first announced he was running.

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