No Waiting – GOP Ensured Trump Can F**k Up Supreme Court On His First Day

In February, we lost Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. President Obama picked Merrick Garland, a highly qualified federal judge, as a replacement, but the Republicans in Congress refused to have the hearing to confirm him.

Now that Donald Trump has been elected, they are going to wait until Trump is elected and pick his candidate. No matter what hellish RWNJ Trump picks, that seat will be stolen.

Trump could fix this by re-nominating Merrick Garland, but that doesn’t seem likely. Merrick Garland was considered a good bipartisan pick at the time. Trump should at least find another centrist for the spot if he won’t re-nominate Garland.

The New York Times editorial board summed up this move perfectly when they said:

“The shameful, infuriating actions of the Senate Republicans won’t be ignored in the history books. In a desperate effort to keep a conservative majority on the court, they rejected their own professed values of preserving American institutions. There’s little hope that they will come to their senses now, but they and Mr Trump have the power, and the obligation, to fix the mess they created.”

Featured image via Twitter.

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