NC Legislature Has Temper Tantrum – Tries To Limit Dem Gov Power To Wiping His A**

You’d think that this state would be happy to get rid of their previous potty-enthusiast governor. Pat McCrory lost his race for reelection as North Carolina. However, they are already trying to place limits on the newly elected Democratic Governor Roy Cooper. Republicans have the majority in their Congress, though; so, Mr Cooper will have trouble getting any laws passed.

The Congress had a special assembly, and they have proposed bills that would limit the powers of the incoming governor. They include forcing Cooper to get all of his cabinet picks approved by the Senate. Cooper would also lose control of the state election board. They would also cut down the number of administrative officials in their executive branch. This is a ridiculous tantrum on the part of those Republicans.

At least they got rid of McCrory; he is just fighting to keep his successor from doing anything. He caused a lot of backlash by passing the infamous HB-2 bill, otherwise known as “the bathroom bill.” It forces transgender people to use the restrooms and fitting rooms that correspond to their birth gender, not the gender they identify as now. This bill sparked a debate across the country.

Many companies and celebrities have boycotted the state since the law passed:

  • Paypal abandoned plans to build a new facility there.
  • Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert there.
  • Ringo Starr also cancelled a concert there.
  • The performance troupe, Cirque du Soleil cancelled their shows in the state.
  • And many others…

This ridiculous law pissed people off everywhere. Republicans were freaking out over the thought of transgender people using the same restrooms that they do. Hopefully, this Democratic governor will repeal this ridiculousness (if his Senate will let him).

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