MTV Calls Out White Guys On Their Bullsh*t (VIDEO)

2016 has sucked. Can we all agree on that? It started with the death of David Bowie and is ending with a slimy, pussy-grabbing perv filling the White House with his racist buddies. In between, we had a lot of other bad shit happen. Cops were acting like they were part of The Purge, shooting Black men for sport. White rapists were set free because going to prison could fuck up their precious college careers. Because what value does the life of an innocent woman have over the life of a rich kid who can swim really really fast, right? It’s a no-brainer, guys.

Seriously. One hell of a no-brainer. When Brock Turner is referred to as an “Ex-Stanford swimmer” first and a rapist second, that’s a fucking problem.

MTV has released a new video, featuring a list of New Years resolutions for white guys to follow in 2017 in order to make the coming year better than this past. Now before you get all cranky and start going:

“I’m a white guy and I am not a dick!”

Listen. Nobody’s saying you’re a dick. But if 2016 has had any value, it’s that we’ve seen exactly how much power there is in simply being a white man. And if you’re a decent white man (and you probably are), you no doubt want to be aware of the little things you might be doing that make the problem worse, instead of better.

Things like saying “Blue lives matter,” because unless you’re talking about Smurfs or those blue-skinned people from Kentucky, that doesn’t even make sense. Things like trying to justify the actions of a rapist because he’s a good athlete. Those are not good things. Let’s do better, boys.

Featured image via YouTube user McDicker96

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