Moronic As*hat Trump Advisor Proclaims, ‘Screw The Chinese!’

Let’s see, it now looks as if our first nuclear war will be with the People’s Republic of China. But according to a close advisor Trump, the Chinese better get used to all this fiery rhetoric.

Stephen Moore, who is a close economic aide to President-elect Instability commented:

“If China doesn’t like it, screw ‘em. We gotta stand by Taiwan. We see what’s happening in China with the way they’re saber-rattling out there in the East, and it’s about time we do what Reagan did: We stand up to these bullies and say we’re not gonna let you do this.”

Not satisfied with having just offended a nation which could wreck the American economy by merely dumping their United States securities on the open market, Moore then added:

“Too many mamby-pamby people in the foreign policy shop are saying, ‘Oh my gosh we can’t do this, we might insult the Chinese.’”

How do wars begin? Just like this: With words that escalate. But Trump and his entourage are too damn stupid to realize the long-term consequences of their dick wagging. They just want to pretend they’re all tough guys.

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