Mobile, AL Took The State Back 150 Years For Drumpf’s Visit

President-elect Donald Trump made the last stop on his bullshit self-promoting “Thank You Tour” in Mobile, Alabama, today. The city brought out their own special “welcoming committee.”

These ladies dressed in ridiculously stereotypical Gone With The Wind style poofy dresses. They looked like a fleet of human cupcakes greeting Drumpf on the runway when his plane landed.In case they look familiar to you, you may have seen them here:

The Azalea Trail Maids serve as the “unofficial ambassadors” of the city of Mobile. People who aren’t from The South will be looking at this thinking it’s cute and quaint. Those of us who are from here don’t want to perpetuate the ridiculous “Southern Belle” stereotype. It’s just ridiculous!

He won in Alabama by 63 percent (gag), but do we have to go to this level because of it. There are already enough people out there who believe stereotypes about The South. We are not in Gone With The Wind.

Featured image via Twitter

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