Man Of The Year? Try Madman Of The Year For This Douche!

No wonder Donald Trump hates the New York Times so much. They’ve never been afraid to call him out for his lies, his hatred, and his massive ignorance on every issue imaginable.

This week, Time named the President-elect Man of the Year, but in an op-ed published today, Charles Blow gave the Donald a much more deserving title: Madman of the Year. As Blow notes:

“Demagogues can flatter and whisper and chuckle. They can remind us of the good in the world because they have an acute awareness of the ways of the world. They can also love and be loved. They can reflect our own humanity because they are human, but their ambitions do not bend toward the good.

“Their ultimate end is distraction, which allows domination, which leads to destruction.”

The editorial ends with a warning we would all be wise to heed:

“I feel like America is being flashed by a giant neuralyzer, à la ‘Men In Black.’ We are in danger of forgetting what has happened and losing sight, in the fog of confusion and concealment, of the profundity of the menace taking shape right before us.

“That is our challenge: To see clearly what this deceiver wants to obscure; to be resolute about that to which he wants us to be resigned; to understand that Time’s man of the year is, by words and deeds, more of a madman of the year.”

By my calculations, Trump takes to Twitter and attacks the Times in 3, 2, 1…

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