Loser Sheriff Joe Arpaio Now Trying To Resurrect The Birther Movement

Poor pathetic former Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio just cannot stand the thought of not being in the spotlight since he got his ass beat for re-election in November.

In an attempt to remain relevant, even in forced retirement, Arpaio alerted the local media he would have big news regarding President Obama’s birth certificate:

Of course, loser Joe didn’t bother to say what this might all be about other than new “revelations” regarding President Obama and his “investigation” into the matter of where exactly the President was born.

News flash, Asshat Supreme Joe: President Obama was born in Hawaii to an American mother, meaning he’s an American citizen.

It’s kind of sad to see Joe losing what little bit of a mind he has left. Pretty soon he’ll be wandering the streets of Phoenix carrying a handmade cardboard sign emblazoned with this message:


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