If You Ain’t White, Male, And Christian … Look The F**k Out

We have an incoming administration that is not going to be friendly to non-believers. President Obama just signed a law that protects us from religious persecution, but Trump could undo it.

Dan Arel, a blogger on Patheos, said:

“This cannot be a time for building bridges or healing our figurative wounds from the election. A fascist tyrant is going to the White House surrounded by war mongers and white nationalists. Trump takes office with the full support of the Russian government and his finger readily on the trigger for anyone who upsets his thin skin.”

We will have to defend ourselves from the persecution that the right-wingers might try to throw at us. They aren’t even hiding their extremism.

Trump points out non-believers at rallies, and he claims that Christianity is under attack. Trump said:

“I go out of my way to use the word ‘Christmas.’ There’s an assault on anything having to [do] with Christianity. They don’t want to use the word ‘Christmas’ anymore at department stores. There’s always lawsuits and unfortunately, a lot of those lawsuits are won by the other side.”

This administration will be rough for anyone that isn’t a right-wing extremist.

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