Hypocritical F*ckwads: Shove Trump’s Conflicts Of Interest Up Your A** – We Don’t Care

President-elect Donald Trump has a large business empire with properties all over the world. Voters agree that this would affect Trump’s decisions as president.

Over 73 percent of Trump’s supporters think that these conflicts of interest are just fine, and 73 percent of Democrats know that this is a bad thing.

Trump needs to separate himself from his business dealings. We also need to decide how he will do it:

“For Trump, a separation could mean removing himself from the day-to-day operations of his businesses, which would still allow him to be aware of federal policies that could affect his bottom line — or it could mean a true divestment, which would involve placing his assets into a blind trust so he would no longer know what he has and how his policies could affect it.”

Trump was supposed to announce his plans for separating himself from his businesses this week. Now, he has delayed the press conference until January, which would be after the Electoral College votes on December 19.

This is definitely a YUGE conflict of interest for Commandant Cheeto. How will he treat the countries where he has property? Will he start a war over a real estate deal? This is just a scary thought.

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