Homophobic Teacher Threatens To Detroy Student’s Rainbow Gingerbread House

Children are not born hating others because they’re different. They have to be taught discrimination and venom.

In Fall River, Massachusetts a culinary arts instructor has been accused of making anti-LGBT remarks when a student decorated a gingerbread house he made with rainbow colors.

On Facebook, Marissa Farias said Chef Jeffrey Coulombe said some incredibly rude things to her brother, Joshua:

“He was working on a ginger bread house, he was using really cool colors. He was really proud of his work with his friend. And when the chef saw it, he said, ‘Don’t be surprised if this is in the trash tomorrow.’ If you feel the need to express yourself and your diversity, we have clubs for that.”

School Superintendent Thomas Aubin called the entire matter “a complete falsehood and fabrication.” But Joshua Farias disagrees, telling a local TV station:

“For [the school] to just say straight out that me, my sister, and my friend were lying…without even talking to me…was crazy. They claimed we are liars.”

If the teacher did say what is alleged, he should be removed from his job immediately. And he should also know that diversity is a good thing. Even in Donald Trump’s New America, there is no excuse for treating a child like he or she is wrong for daring to be inclusive.

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