Homophobic A**hole Spreads BS Pedophile Rumors At Pro- LGBT Church Because… Trump Makes It OK (VIDEO)

A RWNJ Trump-supporter busted into a pro-LGBT church last week. The man went into the office of the Community Christian Church in Tempe, Arizona.

Pastor Doug Bland said this about the man:

“He said that if Hillary would have won he would have driven right on by the church without stopping. But because Trump won he felt he had permission to say and act the way he wanted to expressing the hate that he had for this particular group of people.”

I hope this isn’t what our next four years are going to look like. President-elect Donald Trump and his hateful rhetoric have emboldened people who would normally keep their hate to themselves.

The man said that he would pay protesters to stand outside and spread pedophilia accusations against members of the church. He said that he was doing this because Trump won.

Some RWNJs call gay people pedophiles or sexual predators. This is a common, inaccurate stereotype. It has been debunked for many years, but it is still used to spread hate against people in the LGBT community.

Where did the man get the idea to pay protesters? He got it from Trump, of course. During the campaign, Trump claimed that Democrats were paying protesters to stand at his many rallies.

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