Homophobic B**ch Says She Is On The ‘Right Side Of History’

Anti-gay activist Linda Harvey said that she is on the “right side of history.” She interviewed fellow anti-gay activist, Peter LaBarbera, on her show this week and he said:

“It’s appalling. the conservative movement has lost principle and they are really afraid of the homosexual issue, which is outrageous because homosexuality is ‘an abomination’ and therefore can never be a right because it violates God’s law.”

Harvey added:

“It will be seen that the Christian view was the right side of history. They keep saying that we’re on the wrong side of history; we are not. It will be proven and it’s already showing itself for anyone who cares to look.”

In history, groups who fought against civil rights are usually seen as being on the WRONG side of history. The people who fought for segregation are now seen as ridiculous bigots.

In 50 years, the people who are making such a big deal with about LGBT rights now will look ridiculous. They are starting to look ridiculous, already. Harvey mentioned that the “act” of sodomy should not be protected in our Civil Rights Act.

Same-sex marriage is not affecting their lives directly. One couple of consenting adults getting married doesn’t affect your life. Leave them alone and get rid of the bigotry.

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