Holy Sh*t! Trump Blackmails The World With The Promise Of More Nukes

When you think of Donald Trump, no doubt there are lots of words that come to your mind with which to describe him: Bully, braggart, insecure, loutish, dillhole, ass monkey, twat waffle, douche, etc. But thanks to a tweet he just sent out, you can add these two: Cray cray.

Here’s the tweet which is scaring the living shit out of the entire world:

Even Ronald Reagan, who was known to be fond of conflict, said our nuclear arsenal needed to be reduced, and he make moves towards that goal. But now we have this unhinged psychopath tweeting out the first thing that pops into his mostly empty skull.

So I have some friendly advice for the President-elect: Shut the fuck up and stay away from the nuclear codes! Stay off Twitter without adult supervision! 

Others on social media have some thoughts about what Trump posted, too:

Thank God he cannot launch nukes from his cellphone or we’d already be dead.

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