HILARIOUS: Walter White Channels The Fu*ckwad-Elect Perfectly

Saturday Night Live had a hilarious cold open last night. Bryan Cranston guest-starred as his meth-cooking Breaking Bad character, Walter White.

In the sketch, he is named as President-elect Donald Trump’s head of the Drug Enforcement Agency. He promises to “Make America Cook Again.” He also said that he will fill the nation with red, white, and a “whole lot of blue.” He was referring to the blue meth that his character made.

Some of us could probably use the meth right now. Also, Walter White ran a more successful business than Donald Trump ever has. He would probably make a better president if he was real.

When asked where he has been, Cranston quipped that Trump’s Chief of Staff, Steve Bannon, found him in the comments section at Breitbart, Bannon’s alt-right news site.

Walter White would make our country money, and share plenty of fun, blue meth with us. Walter White needs to make a LOT of meth for us to be able to handle Trump being president.

That would explain why Trump tweets in the middle of the night… lots of blue meth. Now, our Orange Mussolini needs to share with the rest of us.

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